Welcome. My name is Josh Luther and I’m a part time hobbyist woodworker who loves to make things and work with my hands.

I love to take raw and rough pieces of wood to form them into unique pieces that not only look good but also have a purpose and function.

I have been blessed with a very loving and supportive wife, Kristie, along with my son Jadon and daughter Emmalyn.

I grew up around woodworking and dabbled a little bit working with my Dad and a few shop classes in school. It wasn’t until my wife and I bought our first home that I realized that I would fall in love with it.

As with a lot of people, money is often tight so I’m often forced to find reclaimed materials to use in various woodworking projects. Most of the salvaged materials are used to build shop furniture and jigs and to hone my skills. If I mess up on a piece of wood that was already destined for the landfill, then I’m not out anything.

If I’m making something for a client, I strive for perfection and attention to detail.

I’m a strong believer that in every circumstance, whether good or bad, there is something to be learned to help us grow to maturity and wisdom. Sometimes the lessons aren’t fully realized until later, but I try really hard to remind myself of the bigger picture and that everything happens for a reason.

I try to live my life, in every area, with this mindset.

I strive to bring glory to God my Savior, in all that I do and say. This is a prayer that I pray on a regular basis to help me keep the focus on Him, and not myself.

Thanks for visiting. Have a look around. Feel free to send me a message, either here or on my social media accounts.

Have a Blessed day!

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